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Richard C. Curtiss
Richard C. Curtiss
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Mr.Curtiss = "I will sell every god damn stinking one of you farmers in Livingston County out that tries it. You try and do what those men from Washington told you and you try and pay one of your government loans back to the government (taxpayers). Mr. Curtiss do you want to get sold out in a couple years? I will sell every god damn stinking one of you farmers in Livingston County, N.Y. out that trys it you try and pay a government loan back to this Agency (FmHA)"

Dick - The next government employee that comes near you or your farm and makes another statement like this - "That government employees are all Civil Service employees and they tell you that nobody in this country can do anything with them" Would you give me a call. (FmHA)

"Richard, if the State Director does not know what's going on inside the Farmers Home Administation in New York State and what his employees are doing, how could he see if he could do something for you?"

"What did Mr. Humpty tell you today in Livingston County, N.Y.? He said Ronald Reagan, the President of the United States is going to close down the Farmers Home Administration and he said all you government employees are going to have to go to work and earn your livings."

"Dick you think us politicians in the United States, we don't know what is going on inside our government buildings - what these government employees of ours are doing."

"Dick you don't work for a living in this country if you can sit on your lazy ass in a new government building."

"Dick for 7 years you have wanted to call me and ask me to explain to you what is going on inside our government. Is there anyone in our country besides yourself that knows what our government employees are doing?"

"Dick you think us guys that run the United States government today - we don't do anything with a government employee that's doing something wrong."

"Richard, if you want to see a government employee get excited, mention a television set, a newspaper or a farm magazine around them - that the taxpayers, the working people, that the public will find out what's going on."

"Mr. Curtiss, I have been looking at your files in the Department of Agriculture and the Farmers Home Administration all morning and I have noticed that all your loan payments at the Farmers Home Administration are made in full and that you do not have any delinquent loans at our agency. Mr. Curtiss, why are you paying your loans back to the government? No one else does."

"Richard, what did Mr. Humpty's boss tell you to do after this state office of the Farmers Home Administration asked Mr. Humpty's boss to drive up from our Ithaca, NY district office and we asked him to sit down with you and take care of this problem for this state office?"

  The Problem: Don't pay loans back to the government and the President of the United States won't be able to close down the government and the government employees won't have to work.   Read

Office of the Inspector General: "Mr. Curtiss, I certainly would not want you to think that we are trying to put you down or anything - that we don't believe what you're telling us."

White House: "Mr. Curtiss, farmers in the United States do not go to the telephone and call the White House in Washington and ask so speak to the President of the United States unless there is something serious going on inside the federal government."

Congressman Jack Kemp: "Mr. Curtiss, have you ever done any business with any of these other government agencies? If you think the people in the Department of Agriculture are bad, wait till you get mixed up with some of these other federal agencies. They're all alike."

"First of all Dick, I would like to assure you that the days in this country of ours of these government employees thinking that they are going to go on running the United States government for us these days are over with. From now on we the working people are going to run our government ourselves and these government employees have got two options now. Option 1: These people can get back to work for our government and do as they are goddamn told. Or there is a second option now: they can get off the government and go out and find themselves a job and start working for their livings and once in their lifetime our government employees can start paying some taxes for a change."


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Curtiss MansionCurtiss Dairy Farm

Curtiss Mansion                                                                                                      Curtiss Dairy Farm

The Glenn Curtiss Mansion was built by Curtiss at 500 Deer Run Road in Miami Springs, Dade County, Florida and was his Florida residence.    The Curtiss-Bright Ranch's dairy farm is shown here. It comprised 120,000 acres of the 220,000 acres Curtiss purchased in Dade County, Florida.

Curtiss Museum

 Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY

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